Fighting for my Life

 Have you ever watched the movie Equalizer? It is an amazing action film starring Denzel Washington. At the end of the movie, Denzel was backed into a corner fighting one of his enemies for his dear life…similar to what you see at the end of all action films. All I could think as I was watching... “How would I react in this situation if I were backed up against the wall, literally fighting for my life?!”

 At this point, he was also fighting after already being wounded several times.  I started to wonder, would I have enough strength to fight back or would I give in? Then I was reminded “I AM IN A FIGHT FOR MY LIFE, SPIRITUALLY”…

 Denzel was fighting his enemy in spite of him just being shot and in spite of being pushed into glass in which I’m sure he was being punctured by glass while still fighting. Why though? I would think it’s because he knew what was inside of Him therefore He valued his life. The whole movie He seemed to remain fearless in pursuit of attacking His enemy. He never backed down. He even asked his enemy, “What do you see when you look into my eyes?” as in saying you should be afraid of me, because of the power that’s within me. How fearless would we be if we actually believed in the power that was inside of us to sit at the table and look our adversary in the eye and say “What do you see when you look into my eyes?” In other words, don’t play with me!!!

 In the movie, He set out on this pursuit to protect a young woman…someone he seen value in. In this fight, I believe he fought harder because he also had to protect something of value to him. He had someone/people (hostages) depending on him. If he gave up in this fight and got killed, the people depending on him risk the chance of being killed too. In this spiritual fight, remember you are being attacked because the enemy knows you have something inside of you that’s purposed to help other people and bring them out of their situation. If the enemy kills you, he kills them.

 Lastly, we also see in movies and in this one, where it seems as if your enemy has you backed into a corner that even with a little more fight you couldn’t get out of it. THIS IS IT. The final moments…you feel doomed. He puts you into a position you literally cannot fight your way out of. Then out of nowhere, a person (almost always, a familiar face) appears RIGHT ON TIME and knocks them in the head or shoots them in the back. You know, we see it in almost every action film. Or they see an object in sight, that with just an extra stretch, by grabbing and using it…it will take the enemy out. I would like to think that familiar face is the Hand of Jesus. His spirit, His grace, His mercy, His blood…that just when you think this is the end… He steps in RIGHT ON TIME  to save you from the hand of the enemy.  I would like to think that object that’s just within reach is your word, your prayer, and your praise and by using it …it will take your enemy out.


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