Transition Seasons

2018 has definitely been a year of transition for me. In April of this year, I applied for a position on my job that I wanted so badly. In fact, I even "knew" it was mine.

It had to be.

I was ready for more. I  had been waiting for so long for something "grand" to happen in my life. This had to be my moment. 

I waited for over a month after my interview to hear back from the hiring manager. There were literally times I felt as if I was losing it mentally.

God why are you making me wait this long? But hey, yet will I trust You.

I was declaring this position—no, this move (because the job would have me move out of Georgia)—in the midst of a confused mind. My lease was ending in July..I discontinued looking for apartments in Atlanta, because I was awaiting the good news of me getting this promotion and moving away.

Fast forward to June—I’m off work and at home. I check my emails. The first email I receive says, "After careful review of all applications, we are pursuing other applicants. . ."

I was numb.

Then sad.

Then angry.

God, how could you do this to me? I activated my faith this time. I was intentional about trusting you. I praised my way through this, because I knew in the end I would have the victory. I pressed my way through these crazy few months.

God, I am not perfect, but I try. I try to live right. I try so hard to please you with my life. Have you forgotten about me? Why would you allow me to go through all of those emotions to feel defeated in the end? Where am I going to live?! My lease is ending!

These were all of my thoughts plus more.

Well, I had my moment (and I think you are allowed to do so—God knows we are human), but you can’t stay there. I had to change my mindset and still SEE GOD IN THIS.

God, you wouldn't have allowed this to happen without reason. What’s the lesson?

It was at that point that I also had to realize that I serve a great and mighty God and He wouldn't have closed that door if it didn't meaning opening a BIGGER one. Things were still very uncertain at that time and I really didn't know where my life was taking me at that point. It was then I knew I was in a transition season.

When going through a spiritual transition, you become weary. You become frustrated. You don't fully understand what’s going on. You even feel hopeless sometimes. 

What I've learned is that some of the unclear becomes clear when you get to your destination or certain pinpoints in route. For example, have you ever been preparing for work and you can't find your keys (frustrating moment)?

God, I have this 9am meeting, why is this happening to me?

Finally, you find them and you are in route to work and you see an accident and think wow this could have been me involved. God has a way of protecting us from the unseen. Even to the point of realizing that what you thought you were late for, you were actually right on time for. He will hold the meeting up just for you. God is the author of time. He holds time in His hands. His timing is perfect. He's just that awesome. 

In your transition season, you can't always see past where you are. You have a tendency to complain about what’s not going right for you, what you don't have, where you thought you would be, etc.

Don't get on social media and start comparing yourself because—Whew, Chile!—the  enemy will use that as avenue to steal all of your joy in a matter of a few moments. First, you have to see the end result. You have to know that you serve a never-failing God that loves you and will take care of you and He isn't trying to withhold anything from you (He holds it until its season is right). Psalm 84:11 says

 “ For the Lord God is a sun and shield: the Lord will give grace and glory: no good thing will he withhold from them that walk uprightly.”

 You also have to be intentional about cultivating a mind of gratefulness, thanksgiving, and praise in your transition. You want to learn from this season and grow. You don't want to curse yourself. Gratitude is the foundation for an unstoppable attitude. Praise confuses the enemy. Thanksgiving makes you stand out in the mind of God. It takes you from confusion to peace.

Make declarations in your transition season... talk to Him..let Him know how you feel. He desires that. He wants to hear from you. He also wants you to be still and listen. This is the perfect time to let Him come in and dwell with you, ease your troubled mind, and guide your steps.

Lastly, remember there is victory in the end.

When I think of Victory, I mentally picture a runner going through the finish line with his arms up. I remember cheer leading tryouts in High School. To officially tryout, you had to complete a mile in 10 minutes. As I was running, I grew faint and I knew I wouldn't make it but my coach (WOW) wanted me on the team so badly that she sent someone out there to pull me across the track to the finish line.

There's a genuine appreciation and a trust that comes with knowing the coach wants you on the team so badly that He won't leave you on the track alone. His spirit is pulling on you and carrying you across the finish line. Who wouldn't serve a God like that?

Therefore, stay the course. Trust the process!

Trust the God who not only orders the process but reigns over the process.

He won't leave you nor forsake you.

He's in the waiting with you.


Deuteronomy 31:6 says, "So be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid and do not panic before them. For the LORD your God will personally go ahead of you. He will neither fail you nor abandon you."

Isaiah 40:31 says "They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint."

-Chasline Fontenot

Atlanta, GA








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  • Very AWESOME testament thanks for sharing, and especially the transparency! Blessings to you ALWAYS.

    • Hope